Fraud Alert! Cliff Ganschow, Liveone Inc., Terra Worldwide, John Ganschow, Tim Ganschow

This website was established to warn people about Cliff Ganschow of Woodstock, IL, and his sons John and Tim Ganschow of Chicago, IL.  Many people have accused the Ganschows of being con-men running a series of fraudulent shell companies.  Cliff Ganschow in particular has an over 40 year career establishing failed shell companies which have ended with investor money disappearing and Cliff with legal judgments against him.  In just the last ten years, Cliff has had several million dollars in judgments issued against him.  The nearly 80 year old prostate cancer patient lost his house to foreclosure.  Now he wants to be an investment management.  80 years old!!

Cliff Ganschow is currently running Terra Worldwide LLC.  There have been four Terra shell companies already established.  The purpose of these companies is supposedly to invest other people’s money in farmland.  It is ridiculous that Cliff thinks he can invest other people’s money given his record of failure and misuse of investor funds.  Just look at his record with the McHenry County (Illinois)  recorder of deeds to see a forty year record of judgments.  One legal aid said he had never seen a disgraceful record like that in his 30 years of legal research.  Cliff was also accused of criminal misdemeanors in McHenry County for non-payment of wages.  Cliff has been held in contempt of court 3 times.  Certain parties intend to bring criminal contempt charges in 2015 against Cliff for violation of a citation lien. Cliff misappropriated over $600,000 that was under a judicial lien.  The parties intend to seek a jury trial and ask that Cliff be tried as if he committed grand larceny.  Cliff also hasn’t filed a tax return in years.  He could go to prison for tax fraud should the IRS take action.

In other shell companies, Cliff was accused of embezzlement for monies which were supposed to be invested in housing projects in Mexico by Cliff and his son John.  Judgments were issued against both John and Cliff.  Cliff was also accused of fraud and fraudulent inducement in Atlanta by Tim Baggett.  Baggett received a judgment against Cliff.

With Agristar, run by Cliff and his son, Tim, shares were sold  in the Company when the Company was technically insolvent.  The money raised was immediately paid out to Cliff.  In essence, Agristar was nothing more than a vehicle for Cliff to raise money to support his lifestyle.  Agristar went belly up. With Agristar, Cliff would essentially steal from service providers. He would hire temporary staffing and then not pay them after they provided the services.  He has continued this with the Terra companies. Just last month (December 2014) Cliff and Terra Worldwide LLC were hit with a $25,000 lawsuit from a temp. agency.  Cliff’s answer to this?  Set up a new shell company, Terra Worldwide INC.

John and Tim are now involved with Liveone Inc.  Investors should be very careful given the history of failure and mismanagement of investor funds in previous Ganschow shell companies.  John and Tim both have had judgments issued against them.  Tim was involved with both Agristar and Terra Worldwide.

How the Ganschows are not in prison is beyond this website.  This site is sorry for all of the people Cliff and his sons have hurt.  This website is actively seeking to assist the SEC, FBI and other law enforcement organizations bring Cliff and his sons to justice.



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  1. Concerned Customer says:

    Many Agristar satellite customers were left without service or ripped off because they prepaid for their services with Hughes and Starband. The Illinois Attorney General’s office is investigating on behalf of those that got ripped off for prepaying their annual contracts. If anyone out there reading this lost money to Agristar, contact the Illinois Attorney General’s office and they will direct you on what to do to file a claim. Phone # is 800-386-5438 or google Illinois Attorney General consumer fraud.

    Also, if you look up court records for Maryland, you’ll see that HughesNet won a huge settlement against Cliff Ganschow and Ron Hofer last year for over 4 million dollars. Just search for Maryland Judiciary in google and search for Ganschow. Here’s a piece of the court judgement online. So far it looks like Hughes hasn’t been able to collect it:

    • admin says:

      Concerned Customer:

      If what you say is true about Agristar pre-selling subscriptions and then not delivering the service, the Illinois AG should definitely be notified, especially in light of the fact that it is possible that Cliff Ganschow, Tim Ganschow, and Agristar CFO, Joe Kruszynski, were pulling out hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Agristar in “salary” and “loans”. Add to the fact that the Ganschows might have also been selling stock in the insolvent Agristar to individual investors at criminal valuations as well and I don’t see why the Illinois AG doesn’t investigate them under the RICO Act.

  2. Concerned Customer says:

    I don’t get how they can get away with not paying taxes. Anyone else would get thrown in jail. If you look up their executive profiles at Agristar by googling the “wayback machine” you’ll see their old website. Under executive profiles there are some of the same people listed as are listed at Terra Worldwide. Tim Ganschow’s profile makes it sound like Agristar was something other than a satellite Internet provider to rural farmers.

  3. Helper says:

    The issue at hand is there is nothing to go after other than criminal charges.
    Until many get together and pass all of this information on to legal authorities who can piece the puzzle together into a clear picture of what Cliff truly does as a living, nothing much will come of it.
    Look at all the lawsuits, even when they win, they get nothing because Cliff doesn’t have money or assets.
    I spoke with one lawyer who told me that after spending x number of time searching for assets, that they would soon close the case because many others are in line and no one is finding money. Yet, there is money, there always is because the scams never stop.

    Cliff knows what he’s doing, he has been doing it for a very long time and now he’s training two sons to follow in his crummy footsteps.
    Anyone who has come across him as a partner or as a service provider can attest to the following.

    He uses temporary agencies like people smoke cigarettes. He builds up the bills then leaves them hanging. Look in St.Paul and in Chicago for a long trail of such cases.

    He buys services with the usual up front fees but slowly lets the bill build up. He is master of not getting cut off with promises of investment funds coming in, ’30 to 90 days’ being his favorite lie. When the bill gets very large, he taunts the company with threats of his business being hurt if they cut him off, therefore never being able to pay the bill and does this until the company eventually smartens up. Some aren’t so smart and have allowed very large bills to accumulate.

    If someone dug, they would also find a very long trail of office supply hardware, and other items never returned or paid for.

    Both Tim and Cliff are masters of engaging people, making them spend countless hours and money working on proposals and plans. After many meetings, they are left hanging but guess what, Cliff and Tim now have new ideas and even documentation. They take this to the next consulting company and waste their time. Eventually, they have enough information to sound professional on what ever topic they are tackling and feed this to potential investors who in turn believe these are wonderful opportunities.

    Finally, one more thing that is a Cliff trademark is that of promising bonus payments down the road. Perhaps small payments now and then to keep the person thinking that more is coming but when money does come, by then much is owed. Cliff then claims that expected didn’t materialize but a settlement, usually dime on dollar is all that can be offered. People take him up on it because the amounts owed are usually so large that even the settlement sounds worthwhile.
    You can ask anyone who has been owed money by Cliff including most ex CEO or other high level officers of the company.

    These people are experts at this. The only way to stop them is through criminal charges if enough people pool their information together. Perhaps this blog might be that start. I can tell you that a few have been trying and continue to.

  4. Insider says:

    I was an employee of agristar for a while. Even after my short stint, the whole thing was so bizzare that I stayed in touch with others who had come into contact with the company and exchanged information.

    It may be interesting to note, in the ten years Cliff and Tim ran Agristar, they bragged to consulting firms, potential investors, etc, of having hundreds of thousands of customers. In TEN years, they peaked at less than 3000 customers.

    Cliff and Tim love to brag of how big and successful their ventures have been yet do not know how to run the simplest of businesses. They do however know how to get money, services, products, and how to put it all into their own pockets. Cliff likes to take the brunt of the blame but Tim is very involved in day to day operations along with (mis)managing employees, wasting time on the dumbest things.

    Everyone who came into contact with this company on the inside, questioned what was going on. Countless ideas and suggestions were brought to management and owners on how to improve sales, support, multiply the customer base but no one ever cared.
    Instead, their focus was always huge multi-million dollar, pie in the sky projects they had zero money to pay for yet engaged countless companies and people in order to take their ideas and claim being cutting edge. They barely understand technology yet claim to be technology forerunners.

    They would be reeling in money this day had they run Agristar in any normal manner but instead only used it as a front. The potential was there to turn it into a huge money making operation, but they never cared to listen to anyone. Something which frustrated employees to no end.

    I hope more people decide to share and that someone, somewhere in law enforcement finds this blog and finally puts these people where they belong.

  5. Michael Baggett says:

    My money was a loan to Mexico Homes. It was supposed to be a short term loan for 60 days. I don’t need to tell anyone that has done business with the Ganschows that the payback has never came. I was lied to so many times over the years that I turned it over to attorneys in Atlanta and Chicago. They also were not able to get anything.These guys are good con-men and scam artist.I don’t know who posted this but thank you. I am going to do everything I can in may power to see that the truth gets out about these guys. I have all of my doc. from the time this whole thing started an will see they get to the right people.

    • admin says:

      It is interesting to note that this blog has recently received some emails from people, possibly the Ganschows themselves, using fake email addresses. One such recent email came from an individual named Randy Johnson. If Mr. Johnson would like to write in again this blog will promptly respond to his email.

  6. Bonny Headding says:

    I am one of those Agristar customers who prepaid for satellite service in January 2010. I never received the equipment or the service. After corresponding multiple times with Agristar and never getting the refund they promised, I filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General’s office in September 2010. I checked on the status of my complaint several times and was told by the attorney general’s office that it still being looked into. Today, July 24, 2012, I called the attorney general’s office again and was told they have closed the complaint. So contacting the Illinois AG didn’t help. Glad this blog was created so others will know.

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. That news is sickening. This blog will continue to press the AG and IRS to go after the Ganschows.

  7. admin says:

    Stating facts is perfectly legal. The outpour from former investors, employees, and service providers, who have dealt with the Ganschows, has been overwhelming as this site has collected information. The information collect will be turned over to federal investigators as well as the IRS very soon. It is very possible that the Ganschows go to prison when all is said and done.

  8. admin says:

    Thanks. We have heard that Cliff is in bad shape healthwise-he is now in his late 70′s. His sons started a new company called Another scam no doubt.

  9. admin says:

    Please direct your questions/comments via email. Thanks,


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